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1708 and 1792

At the entrance of the church, two bells have been placed, which before the earthquake of September 7, 1920, were on the bell tower that was destroyed. The larger bell is dated 1792 and bears the name of the founder LUCAS ANTONIUS MAGNI VALLISRIANE FUDIT and the images of the Crucifix, St. Catherine of Alexandria, the Holy Family and St. John Gualberto. The inscription reads: IESUS, IOSEPH.ET.MARIA.SINT.NOBISCUM.O(m)NI.VIA.

The other, smaller bell is dated 1708 and bears the image of St. Michael the Archangel, the Annunciation, and an emblematic figure of a lizard. The inscription reads: ANGELUS.DOMINI.ANNUNCIAVIT.MARIAE.QUAE.CONCEPIT.DE.SPIRITU.SANCTO.S.C.A.M.DC.CVIII.