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Mystical Wedding of Saint Catherine of Siena

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18th century

The back wall of the Choir is occupied by a large canvas, in a polychrome wooden frame, depicting the Mystical Wedding of Saint Catherine of Siena, titular saint of the church. In the center, Christ, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Catherine are depicted, with Saint Paul and Saint John the Evangelist above them. To the right are Saint Dominic and King David, and at the bottom, Saint Bartholomew points to the scene. The work is described by Toschi in “L’Appennino modenese” (1895, p. 480):”a characteristic painting of the last century with a light grey tone and sentimental expression, as was appropriate for the convent of nuns for which it was intended.”

It is a luminous and delicate work whose iconography derives from an engraving by the Remondini family of Bassano