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Fiumalbo (MO)

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41022 Fiumalbo MO

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Altar of the Annunciation

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In the chapel on the left, dedicated to the Holy Annunciation, there is a beautiful carved and gilded wooden altarpiece with fluted Corinthian columns, erected in 1622 by the jurist from Fiumalbo, Alessandro Morelli, in honor of the homonymous image in Florence. Inside the altarpiece, there is an inscription on paper with the history and events of the altar: in 1724, a descendant of Alessandro, Don Pellegrino Morelli, confessor of the nuns, painter, and poet, arranged the residence of the Annunciation and painted the oval-shaped picture. It depicts the Dominican saints Thomas Aquinas and Peter Martyr contemplating the mystery of the Incarnation. The painting, restored along with the altarpiece in 1980, has a relaxed style and a happy pictorial synthesis.

The 18th-century tabernacle below has a delightful painting on the door depicting the sacrifice of Isaac.